The Firs Post

The First Post

We now come to Paul’s closing statements in this second canonical letter to the church at Corinth
                        And as we consider the letter…
                        We have been instructed by Paul  -  challenged by Paul  -  convicted by Paul
                        We have been witness to Paul’s heart in this letter – His love for the Lord’s church
                        We’ve been exhorted and encouraged by Paul’s example in ministry
                        But we are to welcome this letter NOT as the word of men…
                        But as it is in truth, the very word of GOD…
                        Intended by God to work effectively in those of us who believe
                        It’s the Lord’s gracious instruction – His correction – His example – His witness
                        Beloved, let us not receive this grace of God in vain!

As Paul brings this stunning letter to a close, he does so in customary Pauline fashion with closing exhortations, affectionate greetings, and a warm, heart-felt benediction (or blessing)

                        These are parting words – final thoughts – summary statements…
                        They’re meant to have lasting influence
                        And they tell us much about what is on Paul’s heart and mind as he writes to them
                        He’s not concerned primarily with their physical health
                        He’s not referring here to their physical comfort
                        He doesn’t mention their physical wealth, or physical prosperity, or physical well-
                        He’s not concerned with his own reputation – or their reputation for that matter
                        He doesn’t focus on their physical circumstances….

Paul’s concern is not the temporal  -  Paul’s concern is the eternal
That which is BY FAR most needful…
Paul’s concern is their spiritual well-being – the state of their heart and mind in Christ…
The state of their soul

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