worship bulletin

Sunday, October 25th of 2020

Sunday School Class - 8:45 am

Sunday School Class with
Dale Gardner:

"Union with Christ in Philippians”

Morning Worship Service - 10:00 am

Preparation Hymn:
"The Church’s One Foundation"

A Call to Worship with
Pastor Marc Brashear:
Deuteronomy 30:11-14
Worship in Song:

"Reformation Song"
"In Christ Alone"
"Not in Me"

A Call to Repentance with
Pastor Michael Dienger:
Deuteronomy 32:39-43
Worship Through Giving
with Pastor Dale Gardner:
 Deuteronomy 31:19-20

Offertory Hymn:
"My Worth Is Not in What I Own"                                                      

The Ministry of the Word
with Pastor Marc Brashear:
"Studies in Romans"
Romans 1:1-7

(Conclude with Silent Prayer and Reflection)

Evening Worship Service - 5:00 pm

Psalm Reading with
Ryan Gromlovits:

Psalm 35

Worship in Song:
"Hark! I Hear the Harps Eternal"
"Victory in the Lamb"

Corporate Prayer

The Ministry of the Word
with Pastor Marc Brashear:
"War in Israel!" | Part 2
Judges 20:1-48

Our Faithful Giving

Last Sunday
Weekly Goal:        $10,777.12
Weekly Giving:       $8,646.46
Difference:            $2,130.66

Through August 2020

YTD Goal:         $371,901.33
YTD Income:     $406,688.50
YTD Expense:    $333,639.17
Difference:        +$73,049.33

New York Giving
MTD Goal:            $2,000.00
MTD Giving:         $1,019.67
MTD Difference      -$980.33

Dajabon Giving
MTD Goal:           $1,250.00
MTD Giving:            $575.91
MTD Difference:     -$674.09

Playground Giving
YTD Goal:           $40,000.00
YTD Giving:         $24,716.13
YTD Difference:  -$16,938.89