"Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul." (Psalm 66:16)

Joshua  D.

In 2004, I believe was the time I was converted. I knew my church I was going to at the time was not preaching the true gospel, and they were not making disciples in evangelism. I wanted both.
2005 rolled around. In early 2005, a friend of mine told me about Cornerstone Baptist Church. All the things I wanted, he said they had. I had to check it out.
When I got there, it was a small group at the local YMCA. I enjoyed the preaching and teaching. I was amazed by the Biblical preaching. When I found out that they met on Saturday’s to go out to preach the gospel, I was there. I went almost every Saturday to knock on doors. It was nice to go out with like-minded people.
The church began to grow. We moved from YMCA to an elementary school and eventually to a new building. I continue to go to Cornerstone because of its faithfulness to God’s word.  We continue to go out and preach the word. We continue to disciple. We continue to follow Christ. It was never about one person, but a family in Christ. As a church family, we have gone through various trials. Some trials were even unthinkable and tough. I love my family in Christ. By God’s grace, I still see some of the faces that I saw in 2005.

Through these various trials, I have seen growth in my church family. I have seen God raise men in my midst to become pastors. I have seen growth in how we do things as a church. There are some things that have stayed the same like faithfulness to the great commission and church discipline. There are some things that have changed but for the better.
It is 2014, and I’m still at Cornerstone Baptist Church. Something else that has changed was I got married. I’m currently married. I met my wife here at Cornerstone Baptist Church. Several years ago, we first talked to one another at Lake Eola; a group of us from the church went there to open-air preach. Last year, we started courting. Last December, we got married. It was after wise counsel and premarital counseling we found in the church. It was a huge blessing and beneficial.  
This church has been a huge blessing in my life. God has considerably used the people here to aid in my sanctification. It has been an oasis in a desert. 

Ashley m.

I love Cornerstone Baptist Church. As a young new believer, I didn't know better, but I attended a "baptismal-regenerational" church. With the Spirit of God living inside of me I was desiring to see others saved by Christ just like I was. But I found that the professing Christian people and leaders around me were clueless in how to share the gospel and how to respond adequately to people that are being deceived by cults like Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons. 
I remember sharing a CD with the pastor at that church by John MacArthur called "Hard to Believe" that described the high cost of following Christ. I asked what he thought of the message after he listened to it and he responded by saying "It was good but he must not have many people in his church if he preaches like that." Who cares about the numbers! Preach the Word of God in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2).  
    It was such a blessing from the Lord to get out of that place and to find CBC while only a freshman at UCF. I grew by leaps and bounds in the knowledge and application of the Word of God. I had never been in a church in which the Bible was exhorted and preached verse-by-verse every Sunday. Not only that, but I was surrounded by people that loved obeying the Word of God too. It was quite a contrast from my previous church experiences. 
Visiting this church, I was very encouraged by the example of the leadership in their evangelism. The Great Commission was not just preached, but it was lead by those leading the church. I had never been door-to-door evangelizing but found that that intentional time that I set in my week fueled my personal evangelism at school, restaurants, gas stations and other day-to-day activities. The knowledge I was learning at church was being put to use in personally loving Christ more and also in pointing others to this amazing God we serve.
At CBC the Word of God became real to me. I saw the parable of the sewer in Matthew 13 become alive when I saw before my eyes the different reactions to the gospel. I saw the Beatitudes (Matthew 5) and the book of 1 John reveal what true faith looked like, as well as expose the superficial mask of those only professing to have true faith. I saw the passage in Matthew 18 lovingly practiced on those that would endanger their souls with continual unrepentant sin. I saw those that were put out of the church for unrepentant sin restored, and it brought much joy like in Luke 15. I have seen the gospel be the power of God to save sinners (Romans 1:16), whether that gospel was heard in the preaching on Sunday mornings, in open air preaching, shared at someone’s front door, or in a conversation relationally at work, at home, or at church. So many miracles of transformed lives before my own eyes! What a joy to see the Lord at work among us!
CBC is also a place where I found a hundred mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers (Mark 10:29-30).  Being away from home, there were times when I needed godly counsel. At CBC there were many men and women that I could go to that would open their Bibles to give me wisdom from the Word of God for my situation. It was so helpful!  Jesus said, " You will know my disciples by how they love one another " (John 13:35). The brothers and sisters at CBC open their homes to one another, make meals for one another, pray for one another, and the list could go on and on. It is the beauty of the grace of God at work in His people. I love it here!!!

Jobby  j.

When I first came to Cornerstone Baptist Church, I came with a façade of Christianity. Having a mere knowledge of some stories in the Bible, I was amazed at the depth that could be found going through the Scriptures verse-by-verse, both in what the text was saying and how we should respond to it.
Even more than this, I was surprised to find that people would gather together after church. At the gathering, we would eat, but we would also learn more about each other and speak of the Word of God, sometimes including what we gained in the preaching. This was a vast contrast to what I was used to, which, if we did gather, would merely be to talk about movies or something of this nature but practically never about God. I am very thankful that we have such fellowship as it is something that I have not seen nor heard of elsewhere.
I think the combination of the preaching and fellowship lead me to a desire to do the things that Christians are called to do and to investigate further for myself what is true. I began to read the Bible regularly, pray, memorize Scripture, attend services and to evangelize. Evangelizing people (i.e. speaking to people about Christ) caused me to become more intense in the other areas due to the response of the people and how I was able to react to them. The desire to speak from the Word of God rather than merely my reasoning or thoughts added fuel to this. I am thankful that there is a body of believers who desire to do these things.
However, as I continued to do these things, I realized that I did not have a zeal for these things as others did. While they were more of an academic burden for me, for others in the church these things were typically a joy. This was seen even more as a member of the church started to disciple me and show me more of what a believer looks like and what he believes. I’m thankful that I attend a church where I can see people both do the things that the Scriptures state to do and to do them with a joyful attitude. I believe that the Lord used this to draw me to conversion.
After becoming a believer, life does not become a lull, where you only add on a few “Christian-y” things and live your life as normal. Indeed, the church, both from leaders and from individual members, challenges one another to turn from sin and also to turn to Christ. One of the primary challenges is to learn how to read the Bible for yourself. This is not a mystical reading that comes overnight but rather a teaching of how to read a book through inductive study. By taking a rational, historical, literal, grammatical interpretation of the text within its context and with consideration of what the rest of the Scriptures say, one is taught to study the Scriptures for himself rather than simply based on what the leaders say or what a commentator may say. The leaders desire to be corrected by the Scriptures, but it is the member’s responsibility to do so. I have found learning inductive study helpful both in the reading of Scriptures and also in reading other books. Were I not attending this church, I doubt that I would have thought about gaining such a desire to read books and to read them correctly.

esther  m.

Cornerstone Baptist Church has been a huge blessing in my life.Through this church I heard the gospel for the first time; and God, by His grace, caused me to turn from my sins and to place my trust fully in Christ alone. The false view that I had of myself, as being a good religious person, was shattered when my sin was exposed through the preaching of God's word. I am frequently reminded of the grace of God in saving sinners through the teaching/preaching at our church. It gives me great joy to think of my pastors, how they labor for the sheep.
I praise God because I have seen by their actions just how much they love us. Many are still in need of Christ. This understanding stirs me up to be bold and share the precious gospel of Jesus Christ. We as Christians have the truth; how could we not share this with a lost world? I desire to share the gospel so that others may come to the knowledge of the truth. I love my church, and I pray that by the grace of God, we would continue to be faithful in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Christ came to save sinners. Praise God for this glorious truth!

sergio  g.

I have been coming to Cornerstone Baptist Church since July 2011.  Before coming to Cornerstone, I was what you would call an “easy believer,” trusting in a prayer that I said when I was eleven years old and accepting Jesus into my heart.  My life consisted of trusting in my religious works and myself- righteousness to be made right with God (Romans 3:10).  During the time before Cornerstone, the weariness of church life and the dullness of my surroundings caused me to want more of God’s word taught to me.  In God’s providence, the Lord reconnected me with a longtime childhood friend who confessed to me that he was lost when he thought that he was saved and how he found a biblical church.  He invited me to his church (Acts 17:26-27).
So I began to visit Cornerstone and was overwhelmed with how the word of God was elevated above all things, how I was taught biblical theology (Matthew 28:18-20), and how the word of God was preached verse by verse and explained (Isaiah 2:9-13).  I was also amazed when I learned that accepting Jesus by saying a prayer was not a biblical response to the gospel, but by repentance and (Mark 1:15).  Christ opened my eyes here at Cornerstone to my sin and my need for a Savior.  I am eternally grateful for this.  I have seen the genuine love of Christ here at Cornerstone and how the saints love and care for the souls of men.  All my life as a professing Christian, no one had ever asked me about my soul and tested me according to the Scriptures (2 Corinthians 13:5).  I love the saints here at Cornerstone, and I am forever grateful to Christ.