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On the Lord's Day

Morning Bible Class | 8:45am
Morning Worship  | 10am
Evening Worship | 5pm

September 24, 2023

8:45 am   Bible Classes

An Old Testament Introduction
3.4  Introduction to Samuel
Jon Powell

10:00 am   Worship Service

“Exalt the Lord our God and worship at His footstool; He is holy."
Psalm 99:5

A Call to Worship
Tyler Renfrow
Ezekiel 11:17-21
Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs
I will Glory in My Redeemer
His Forever
He Will Hold Me Fast

A Call to Repentance
Pastor Marc Brashear
Ezekiel 14:1-8
Worship Through Giving
Pastor Dale Gardner
Ezekiel 16:48-50

Offertory Hymn
My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness

The Ministry of the Word
Pastor Marc Brashear
"Our Reasonable Service"
Romans 12:1-2
Studies in Romans

5:00 pm   Worship Service

A Call to Worship
Pastor Marc Brashear
Psalm 128

Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs
I Asked the Lord that I Might Grow
Not In Me

Corporate Prayer
The Assembled Saints

The Ministry of the Word
Tyler Renfrow
"The Leper and the Gospel"
Luke 5:12-13

We'd love to see you

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Sunday Afternoon Fellowship
Join us for lunch after the service

Weekly Gatherings

Staff Meeting
Tues 11:30am
Mid-Week Fellowship
Wed 6pm
Dinner, fellowship, hymns, and Bible study
Elders Meeting
Thurs 4:30pm
Need to add something to our agenda? Contact us.
1689 RBCF
Thurs 7pm
Evangelism Groups
Sat 9am
Several groups meet at various times and locations throughout the week. Contact the church office for more information