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"Making  Disciples  for  the  Glory  of  God"

"This church has been such a blessing to me. The preaching is biblical, they offer small groups for accountability, and they regularly evangelize. The people here genuinely care for your soul and are willing to encourage, disciple, and correct lovingly and as Christ commands."

-Linda P.
"It is tough to find a local church that preaches the Bible faithfully, practices what it preaches and is also marked by a warm and inviting fellowship. I am very thankful to God that He has been pleased to build a church like that at Cornerstone Baptist. May the Lord makes His face to shine on His people!"

-Mike D.
"I'm so thankful to God for this church. I prayed for a church and gained more. Today makes it five years I have been attending this church of believers. I've labored, cried and rejoice with my brethren. God used CBC to help educate me and come to know Him intimately. The growth in reading my Bible is all to the accountability from the brethren. Their passion for God words is inspiring. Five years ago I laid in my ignorance of His words, and now I marvel in His word. I'm especially thankful to Him for this church because my daughter is surrounded by godly people, true sound doctrine and brethren who truly care about her soul and mine. And I as well for them. Thank you Lord!"

-Ketley B.