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Our Vision

“Raising a Standard for Truth…and the Next Generation to Victory”

Our Mission

"Our mission is to impart knowledge, understanding, and wisdom by applying the classical tools of learning to a distinctively Christ-centered pre-K through 12th-grade education; to cultivate delight in rigorous learning that exults in the God of Truth; to graduate young men and women prepared to advance victoriously in a life lived to the glory of God.”

"Taking Our Stand"

Reclaiming a Legacy of Christian Education...Reclaiming a Future for the Next Generation

“Like many other people, I have long been appalled by the low quality and continuing deterioration of American education.”

Those are the words that open Thomas Sowell’s preface to Inside American Education; words in 1993 that merely foreshadow the tragic depths to which American education has plummeted in the thirty years since they were written.  Sowell was raising an alarm in 1993 for what has become a four-alarm dumpster fire in 2023.  The ground that supports the structure has dramatically shifted, the foundation is full of holes, and the building must be condemned.
Every year, millions of Christian parents who feel as though they have no other viable option send their kids into that failed system.  The system baits them with a free education, but in reality, it comes at far too high a cost.  The system claims a harmless neutrality, but the ideologies and philosophies being taught there are anything but neutral.  That parasitic system is taking our children by the hand and leading them where we do not want them to go.  Our most precious stewardship from God is being adopted, and they come out the other side as children of the system.

We have to take a stand.  
We have to provide a better way.

It's time to get started.

The Lord has provided the stone for a firm foundation.  He is “a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation” upon whom our hope for the future may be built.  Those who place their hope in Him will never be ashamed (Isaiah 28:16, Romans 9:33).  His word is to have authority in the boardroom, in the staffroom, and in the classroom.  He has given us a clear and uncompromising mandate for the education of our children, and we must reclaim ground that has been forfeited.  We must redeem that future for our children otherwise lost to powerful forces working against the very faith we are charged to impart to them.

We Must Take a Stand!

We take our stand today by putting our heart, mind, and hand to that plow.  We take responsibility.  We generously allocate our time, our energy, and our resources to that work.  If wisdom is justified by her children (Matthew 11:19), then let her be justified by those children we graduate as the future fruit of that work: young men and women prepared themselves to build with wisdom on the foundation that has been laid.
That good and enduring work for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ is the object and aim of Christus Victor, a Classical Christian School.  Now is the time.  The Lord has graciously placed the wind at our back.  May He fill our sails with faith.  Please join us in financially supporting the work.

"The Lord has graciously placed the wind at our back.  May He fill our sails with faith!"

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