As it has pleased Almighty God, by His Holy Spirit, to call certain of His servants    to unite together under the name Cornerstone Church for the worship of God, the edification of His saints, and the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord;

As Jesus Christ our Lord has given us the Great Commission of “making disciples for the glory of God” and has, by His grace, sustained and prospered this work through prosperity and adversity to the present day;

Having searched the Scriptures under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, desiring to constitute ourselves in accord with the Word of God as it relates to His will for the Church, and preparing ourselves for great efforts in His name;

We, the members of Cornerstone Church, do therefore hereby organize ourselves in accord with the laws of the State of Florida and adopt this Constitution as our articles of governance to be interpreted at all times to reflect both the character and glory of God as revealed in the Holy Bible and articulated in the Baptist Confession of Faith (1689) and the Cornerstone Church Covenant.

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