From the Rising of the Sun

Verse 1
From the rising of the sun
To the setting of the same
The people of the earth will exalt His Holy Name
The heavens all declare
The wonders of the Maker’s hand
Telling of His glory unto every single land

His Kingdom and His reign never come to an end
And Jesus’ love is more than we can ever comprehend
It reaches to the heavens far beyond the sky
So lift Him high lift Him high
Lift the name of Jesus high hey

Shout to the God of all Creation
Sing to the King of every King
Dance with a heart of jubilation
Let the people praise Him lift your voices and sing

Shout to the God of our salvation
Bow to the Sacrificial Lamb
Sing with a song of celebration
Worthy of the glory is the Great I Am

Verse 2
Let the earth be very glad
And the heavens all rejoice
The oceans all resound
And the trees will lift up their voice
The mountains and the hills
Break into a mighty song
And the people let the people
Let the people sing along

From the time the sun rises until it goes down
Every minute the earth keeps on spinning around
Let creation declare all His glory
Let us worship in awe of His story
Throughout all of creation His praises resound

CCLI Song # 7064420 / Dan Adler
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