CHrist the King Reformed baptist church

To our brothers and sisters at Cornerstone Church,

I want to convey a heart felt greeting on behalf of the brothers and sisters of Christ the King Reformed Baptist Church. We are full of thanksgiving to God for your prayers, encouragement, and support; they are an holy impetus in our labor. In turn, you are often in our prayers of thanksgiving and praise. Our aim is to make known the Gospel of Christ in this needy region of our country. Your partnership in the gospel emboldens us to do this work.

By the grace of God the initial months of our work have been without any major obstacles. On the Lord’s Day we gather for Sunday School and Morning Worship. At this point, we have no evening service. When the Lord sees fit to raise up some men with an ardent desire to teach the Word this may be a possibility. We are working through the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith during the Sunday School hour. The folks seem to be receiving the studies with gratitude and for the size of our church, forty people, it has been well attended. I am currently preaching through the Gospel of John. The Lord has used these expositions to provoke and encourage the people.

On Thursdays we gather for Bible Study. We just completed our first study “Life in Christ” by Jeremy Walker. Pastor Walker’s book was used to awaken a good number to theological and moral evaluation. The core group that moved up from Florida has been actively pursuing our regular attenders. We desire their growth in Christ and, in a number of cases, conversion to Christ. Several visitors have started to attend the worship service on a regular basis. This has caused some excitement among the people. The thought of a growing “regenerate” congregation encourages Christians in a surprising way!

Evangelism has gone surprisingly well. Our numbers are few but the conversations have gone well. Our evangelistic efforts in the area have to date yielded no visible fruit. But we are encouraged. Declaring the good news binds us closer and closer together in our mission. It also gives us a growing sense of the need for a good church in this area. Our prayers are strengthened by the overwhelming task at hand.

The school has been growing steadily. We have plans of adding kindergarten and fourth grade next school year. The morale of the teachers has improved and the school is now self sufficient. A new school board is in place and efforts to reform its philosophy of education and mission are underway.

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Prayer Requests:

1. Christ would be honored to build up His church here in the Hudson Valley.

2. Christ would work in us by His Spirit to love him and pour out our lives in His service.

3. We would love one another as Christ has loved us.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.