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CHrist the King Reformed baptist church

Greeting from Christ the King Reformed Baptist Church!

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks for your support and prayers. To know that you all at Cornerstone and many others are continually remembering us in your prayers is a perpetual encouragement to us.

We thank God for the group of brothers and sisters from CBC that visited us in March, for their fellowship, encouragement, and hard work. While they were here we were able to finish a number of projects that will serve to improve our buildings and create an even more inviting environment in both the Chapel and the Dome! Our brothers and sisters worked tirelessly with us to paint the auditorium of the chapel, replace the entire ceiling’s worth of ceiling tiles, organize and clean out the chapel kitchen, repaint portions of the dome, and prepare and replace old carpets in both buildings. While they were here we shared almost every meal together and got to see some of the local sights like mountain lakes and waterfalls.

The brothers and sisters of Christ the King were also extremely encouraged by their labor of love and they were ready and excited to work alongside CBC members as well as share in fellowship with them. A number of folks from CTK were also happy to open their homes to the CBC members that visited to house them for their trip.

Immediately after the trip, New York State enacted stringent coronavirus related social-distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders. We praise God that none of the brothers and sisters here at CTK have yet contracted the virus or come in contact with it. While we are not holding any services in the church buildings and the school is closed, the congregation has remained in very good spirits, and have continued to encourage, call, and see one another whenever possible. We have moved to having both small group and Sunday School over Zoom on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons respectively, and holding Drive-In services in the parking lot on Sunday mornings when the weather permits and pre-recorded sermons when it rains. Each of these has been a great blessing to the people and we all long for these times when we can see one another, whether over our computers or in our cars. We are also distributing CDs and DVDs to those that cannot make it to Drive-In services or make use of technology to access teachings online! We are continually considering new ways to encourage the congregation and make ways to see one another while endeavoring to limit contact and follow guidelines. We recently had an encouragement parade/convoy in which families from the church made signs to encourage those that have not been able to attend Drive-In services or Zoom meetings. We all lined up our cars and drove to people’s houses in order to see and encourage them. Those we visited were extremely thankful and encouraged and the entire event became a great display of the love of the brethren and a means for building unity and love among the congregation.

As to the school, the year thus far has been successful, and without many difficulties. The school is presently closed due to the coronavirus, but the teachers are sending home curriculum packets for each of the elementary students, and producing videos for the preschoolers!

We praise the Lord for the continued growth of the congregation in the truth, in holiness and in the unity of the Spirit, and we would ask that you continue to pray toward that end. We would also ask the following prayer requests; that the New York State Government would lift the coronavirus related restrictions that impede our meeting regularly with one another, that as soon as that happens that the church would be able to return to normal fellowship and worship on the Lord’s Day, and that even through these strange times, that the attendees and members of Christ the King would continue to grow in their walks with the Lord and with one another, and lastly that the Lord would bless our labors with continued fruit. We love you all at Cornerstone and remember you continually in our prayers!
Grace and Peace from Christ the King Reformed Baptist Church!

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Prayer Requests:

1. Christ would be honored to build up His church here in the Hudson Valley.

2. Christ would work in us by His Spirit to love him and pour out our lives in His service.

3. We would love one another as Christ has loved us.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

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